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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

We recover data from corrupted hard drives, deleted files or partitions. Costs vary per data amount and severity. We evaluate serverity by performing a physical assessment of disk failure problem(s) to determine what data can be recovered.

Assessment cost: Free (A saving of $50-$250).

Onsite Recovery Cost: .70¢ per megabyte up to 500MB, then .30¢ per megabyte thereafter.

No data, no charge

Destination Media for Recovered Data:

  • You'll need to provide one backup hard drive which is bigger than or equal to the default one and in good working condition without any data.
  • Or purchase a hard drive from us.
  • Or burn into CDR (about 600MB each), $10 each.
  • Or burn into DVD (about 4 GB each), $25 each.

If the drive makes whirring or clicking noises, it could be physically damaged and will require a Cleanroom recovery. We do not open up hard drives onsite. For that, we work with one of the nation's top-certified cleanrooms to get your data back. Estimates will be drawn upfront with preffered pricing.